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Meet Lesley. She’s the creative mama behind the modern + fresh take on baby books – Mushybooks.

meet the makers | mushybooks

HHM: Who are you?  What’s your story?
MB: After three kids (in 3 years!) and three ugly baby books, I decided to survey other moms to find out if they liked their baby books. Turns out most people I heard from felt their baby books lacked style.

meet the makers | mushybooks
Mushybooks was created to give moms and dads an option that aren’t all ‘pink and blue.’ We know that finding the time and energy to fill in a baby book can be challenging. That is why each page has been carefully and beautifully designed to help make you successful in filling in your Mushybook.

meet the makers | mushybooks

HHM: What is the MUST HAVE product of your shop?
MB: The must-have product from our shop would be the Dreamcatcher theme.  It’s the perfect gender neutral book that will never go out of style.

HHMWho is your Instagram crush that we need to stalk too?
MB: My celebrity Instagram crush is @jillian.harris because she has great style and a great spirit. My mom-crush on Instagram is @thealisonshow because she makes me laugh with every post

meet the makers | mushybooks

HHM: Tell us a truth & a lie, we’ll try an guess which is which!
MB: One of my kids was born 10 lb 13 oz … I loved being pregnant

We have loved following Lesley since day one. She’s got a knack for the fine details, has a kind heart and we can’t get enough of all the lovely things she creates. Make sure you show her some love and follow @mushybooks on Instagram too! See you on September 27!




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