Hello, Minimoc!


Meet Amanda. She whips up modern soft-soled shoes for small feet – Minimoc.

meet the makers | minimoc

HHM: Who are you?  What’s your story?
MM: We are Amanda and Jeff- owners of Minimoc.
We started up in September 2013 in our basement. Since then, we have expanded into a warehouse, added several employees, and have our mocs in over 100 stores across North America.

meet the makers | minimum
We love the aspect of owning our business that allows us to meet many other like minded people. Providing jobs in our community also makes us extremely motivated to continue to build our Canadian made company.

meet the makers | minimoc

HHM: What is the MUST HAVE product of your shop?
MM: mmmoccasins!

HHMWho is your Instagram crush that we need to stalk too?
MM: @pinchofyum – every IG scroll session needs a tasty food photo.

meet the makers | minimoc

HHM: Coffee or wine? or both?!
MM: Morning- coffee … Evening- wine

HHM: Tell us a truth & a lie, we’ll try an guess which is which!
MM: I have Brazilian citizenship … I love unloading the dishwasher.

Minimoc has such a loyal following and we sure know why. Amanda’s sweet and customer-centric personality is the best. You are not going to want to miss her on September 27th! Until then, be sure to follow her on Instagram for tons of cute babies rockin’ their moccs.


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